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Billing Policy

Hilltop Broadband Billing Policy

The Goal of Hilltop Broadband Internet is to provide the best possible internet and customer service experience to all its customers. Hilltop Broadband has adopted this billing policy in the furtherance of that goal. By using Hilltop Broadband's service you are accepting this policy as part of Hilltop's Terms of Service.

● By providing bank account or credit card information to Hilltop Broadband, you are authorizing Hilltop Broadband to charge your account for service related charges as necessary to maintain your account in a current status.
● Bad Check or ACH return fees: If Hilltop Broadband incurs any fees as a result of bad checks or ACH returns, Hilltop Broadband has the right to charge to fees to the customer including an administrative fee not to exceed the value of the bad check or ACH return fee.
● Checks must be from a local or in-state bank
● Checks will not be accepted that are starter checks, unnumbered checks, or non personalized checks.

Billing Cycle
● Unless otherwise agreed upon during account setup, the billing date for accounts will be the activation date of the account. Accounts will bill on a monthly recurring basis on this same day of the month.
● Payment is due for services 20 days after the billing date of the account.
● The account will be considered past due and subject to disconnect if payment is not received 30 calendar days after the billing date.
● Hilltop Broadband reserves the right to charge a late fee of up to $20 for payments not received within 30 days of the billing date.

Calculation of Charges
● Hilltop Broadband services are paid for in advance of the service period. For example, if a customer’s billing day
is the 2nd of the month, a bill received on May 2nd is for service between May 2nd and June 1st.
● Charges will be pro-rated for monthly services when switching between active service plans. The maximum prorated changes per billing cycle is 2.
● When switching to a non-active or “Away” billing plan, a pro-rated discount for the plan rate difference between the active and non-active plan rates will be given only during the first 7 days of the billing date.
● When switching to an active plan from a non-active plan, the pro-rated charge for the remaining days in the billing cycle will be assessed.
● Customers using a non-active or “Away” plan rate are required to have 6 months of service with an active plan such as Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum.
● The 6 month minimum requirement will be reviewed twice annually. Customers not meeting the 6 month minimum will be notified and placed on an active service plan to meet this minimum.
Service or Repair Calls for Non-active Accounts.
● Customers that use non-active plans will be assessed a service call fee for any repairs or equipment upgrades.
● Customers using non-active plans should be aware that service may not work correctly after extended periods of being disconnected or powered down.  When a customer anticipates returning to an active plan, Hilltop may not be able to dispatch a technician for immediate repairs. Hilltop’s standard service policy is to respond to requests for repairs within 24 hours Monday through Friday.
● In all cases repairs will be subject to availability of repair staff and receipt of required payment for repairs.


● All services are subject to a 30 day advance notice cancellation policy.  An exception to this is customers in their first 30 day "money back guarantee" period.

● Credits and refunds for services that are cancelled will only be allowed or offered during the first 7 days of the billing cycle.  These credits will be offered on a pro-rated basis and subject to the discretion and approval of management.

● Credits or refunds may be subject to a processing fee or transaction fee.

● After the first 7 days of a billing cycle credits or refunds will not be offered or allowed.

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