4 Mbps Internet

Our budget plan for those who are not online a lot or have basic internet needs.


30 Mbps Internet

Working from Home?  Kids that like to stream, game, chat, download and everything else?  This plan should keep everyone happy.


6 Mbps Internet

Enough speed for a video stream or two.  Our most popular plan for small households.


50 Mbps  Internet

It doesn't get much faster than this!  50 speed to allow for as much streaming, downloading or anything else you throw at your connection.


10 Mbps Internet

Speed for a family of 4 or more.  Enough speed for a teenager or two plus all your family video streaming.


Residential Phone

Residential VOIP phone service with any internet plan just $19.95 per month!  Unlimited minutes and no long distance for domestic US calls.  All the features you'd expect like caller ID and more!


Legacy Heights Fiber

Plans and Pricing.  Call for more details.

25 Mbps

Basic Speed for Basic Needs.  Still enough to get online and get the basics done.


1 Gbps

1,000 Mbps of speed to get you going anywhere fast.  Don't let the cops see you moving that quick!


100 Mbps

4x the speed to get things downloaded faster. 


Standard Installation

Basic installation of fiber from the street to the home.


250 Mbps

Now we're starting to move.  250 Meg of pure internet bliss.


Advanded Installation

For any additional work required such as trenching, sidewalk cuts, back of home location, etc.


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