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Soaring Peaks Neighborhood Fiber FAQ

Hilltop Broadband is bringing lightning fast fiber optic internet to Soaring Peaks!

We are doing this without any commitment or financial assistance from the HOA.  This project is 100% funded by Hilltop Broadband.


Q:  Why is Hilltop building fiber in my neighborhood?

A:  Hilltop Broadband, in business since 2013 is committed to the Berthoud Area and bringing the best internet service available to residents in surrounding communities.

Q:  I'm ready for service.  Where can I sign up?

A:  At the bottom of this page or right here: 

Q:  How much will this cost me?

A:  There is zero cost to you as a home owner unless you choose to sign up for Hilltop's fiber optic internet or phone service.  For details or to sign up for service click here: 

Q:  How soon can I expect to have service?

A:  Hilltop needs a certain level of commitment from home owners to begin construction.  The high cost of installing cables for a new fiber optic system can only be offset if we have enough homes sign up.  For Soaring Peaks we are requiring that a minimum of 70% of homes pre-sign for service.


Q:  How can Hilltop just come in and build a fiber system without permission from home owners or the HOA?

A:  Hilltop will be building it's fiber optic system in the existing Rights of Way and Utility easements that are dedicated for this purpose when the neighborhood was platted and recorded in 2001.  These areas were dedicated to this purpose by the land developer as part of Larimer County's development requirements.  Public Utilities have the right to construct and maintain systems within these areas.

Q:  Are you going to tear up my yard and leave a mess?

A:  No.  We utilize trenchless cable installation that minimizes impact to landscaping.  Our crews are Hilltop employees - not contractors so we ensure that our crew does the job right.

Q:  What are all the colored flags and paint in my front yard about?

A:  These flags and markings are from other utilities marking their existing underground cables and pipes.  Those marking are required by Colorado law for us to safely install our cables.  Please leave them in place so we can safely install our cables for service to your neighborhood.  Removal of the flags or paint marks is a misdemeanor under Colorado law.

Q:  Who can I contact for more information?

A:  Please give us a call at 970-344-9541 and we will be happy to answer your questions.


Hilltop Broadband is a Colorado company bringing fiber optic internet and wireless internet service to communities across the state.  No need to wait for the billion dollar Cable and Telephone companies to bring fiber to your neighborhood.  Hilltop Broadband is bringing you a better way to connect right now in your community.

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